Repeated restenosis of arterial arteries.

Posted by quintanagus @quintanagus, Apr 13, 2017

Hello, my name is Gus, and thank for letting me share my story. I’m a Hodgkin cancer survivor of over 40 yrs. Now at 50, because of all the calcification the radiation has caused, I’m faced with various issues, CHF, I had a TVAR valve put in on 03/16 a single bypass, stents placed in two other cardiac arteries, and a St Jude pacemaker of which I 100 % dependent. I have had many complications, restenosis being one of my biggest problems. I’m on my 3 rd restenosis and praying they don’t clog up again because of scar tissue. We’ve tried different meds, medicated stents etc to no avail. I now have what they call a full metal jacket and I’m looking to see if there are any non invasive options if these arteries clog up again. I also suffer from severe body aches and lack of energy and I am a diabetic type 2. Please feel free to comment on any options. Thank you so much God Bless.

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