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Renal Cyst

Posted by @charlena, Thu, Mar 8 1:38pm

My husband has just been advised he has an 8mm renal cyst. The doctor advised "it is nothing to worry about right now". I don't agree with that. I welcome any and all comments from others with this condition. Thank you!


Hi @charlena,

Here's some information from Mayo Clinic:

I’d like to invite @pkindron @rshardi @IWantToBelieve @trishanna @bonitav @upnorthnancy and our Mentor @rosemarya, to join this discussion, as I think they may have some related experiences with kidney cysts. You might also be interested in reading these discussions:
– Can minimally complex kidney cysts become polycystic kidney disease?

What symptoms did your husband have, @charlena, that led to his diagnosis?

@charlena, I wish that I had something to add, but I have had no experience with kidney cysts. I see that @kanaazpereira has already provided you with some good links for more information. These can be a good starting point for educating yourselves.

If I were you, I would have a face to face chat with your husband's doctor and find out what he means when he said, "It is nothing to worry about right now."
For example, Will it be a problem later? How will we know? Can we do anything to prevent it from becoming a problem?

What kind of symptoms did he have? and what kind of tests were performed to reach this conclusion?

Hi, @charlena. Sorry to hear of your concerns about your husband's renal cyst, and I hope you can find some comfort in my case, which Kanaaz Pereira provided in her link to it ( A crucial question for me is: Where is the cyst located? Is it on the outside surface of the kidney itself? Or is it located on an adrenal gland that rests on the surface of the kidney? Or is it inside the kidney? I have no experience with an internal cyst, but my medical team has thoroughly studied my cyst on the surface of my kidney.

The location of the cyst can help answer two important basic questions: First, mine was NOT located on an adrenal gland where it could have been a rogue gland producing excess adrenal hormones that can drive up my blood pressure. Second, images of the cyst did NOT show it to be a growing tumor, which might have been cancerous — at least not yet, so we check it out every year during my annual physical exam. So far, so good.

My experience makes the case for having a kidney doctor (nephrologist) take the lead in diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure, with the help of an endocrinologist to check out any hormones that might be driving up blood pressure. Leaving hypertension to cardiology alone might be a crucial mistake. It'd be helpful, I think, if you put the questions suggested by @rosemarya to your doctor for discussion, and we'd be interested in your reaction to the doctor's explanation, if you wish to share that with us. Martin

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