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Renal Cell Carcinoma

Posted by @jwhitman in Cancer, Dec 18, 2011

I have recently had a regular physical and a very small renal cell carcinoma mass was discovered. Monday, I had laproscopic cryoblation surgery which totally removed ALL the mass and I told I will need no further treatment and the cancer is gone - which is a miracle from God to me. I am at home for 5 weeks from works recuperating and will go for followups beginning Jan. 5th. I think I am still in type of a shock from all of this and was not expecting something to come out of the blue and attack me so secretly. I have been exercising and was in what I thought was great health. So, I think what I'm trying to do is reach out and ask - what goes on from here for me ? I'm thinking I have "fear" even though I should just be so thankful I am healed, but maybe it is because this is just my fifth day after surgery ?

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Posted by @cmathews, Dec 30, 2011

Hi, just read your story and I have surgery to remove a small mass on my kidney. I was told basically the same thing that you were...small encapsulated tumor and it was completely removed with no further treatment. I had to go once a year for three years to have scans and I have not been cancer free for 7 years. Hopefully it is gone for good. However, I know exactly how you feel. You are just waiting for the ball to drop and find out it has come back. Good luck and thank God that everything worked out!


Posted by @jwhitman, Dec 30, 2011

Thank you so much for your reply. Your reply is the only one I have received. I will return to work on Jan. 17th - so I'm at home recovering from the surgery. When I have too much time to think - my mind starts thinking of all kinds of scary scenarios. So, I'm trying to read and oil paint - keeping my mind off of things, like, if there was a tumor there - is there one somewhere else too, that we haven't found yet ???? It was just such a surprise that they found this tumor and it caught me so off guard - but I guess one is never ready for that kind of news. Thank you for your positive "e" mail - that is what I needed to hear. Looking up the information just on the internet - it only gives the bad cases in details and not the ones where it all works out good. I"m so thankful to God that the cancer was exposed in time - and that's what I'm concentrating on - that God took care of it. I'm so glad you have been cancer free for 7 years - I believe you are totally healed ALSO ! 🙂


Posted by @cmathews, Dec 31, 2011

I am just now rereading the email that I sent to you and it should read that I have "now" been cancer free for 7 years, not "not" been cancer free. I guess that could make a big difference. Sorry! Anyway, I felt the exact same way, wondering where else that I may have a tumor. I had my surgery at UAB (University of Alabama) and the doctor that I had was awesome. He was very patient with the questions that I asked and assured me that I was completely cancer free and the chances of reoccurrence were no greater than anyone else that had never had cancer. My cancer was found purely by accident-with no symptoms, so I definitely believe it was a blessing from God. Again, good luck and I hope your recovery goes well!

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Posted by @jwhitman, Dec 31, 2011

Yes, I figured out you meant "now" been cancer free - hahhahaha - yeah, that would've scared me even worse if I hadn't understood what you meant ! Thank you again - mine was found accidentally just through a yearly physical and I had microscopic blood cells in my urine - my regular doctor was very good - he is at Kirklance Clinic and made the deicision to send me to a urologist - thanks be to God !!! My mass was only 1.6 centimeters which is so definitely a miracle. I go back on Tuesday, Jan.3rd for my first followup after my surgery, on Dec. 12th. I believe I will feel more comfortable about everything after I get to really sit down with my doctor - Dr. Hammontree with Urology Associates - Bham. Thank you again.


Posted by @pamheld, Jan 2, 2012

Hello - you may want to join the Kidney-Oncology list on ACOR. I'm an 11 year survivor - and the Kidney-Onc mailing list has been an invaluable resource for information and to meet other patients. Scroll down for information on how to subscribe -


Posted by @jwhitman, Jan 2, 2012

Thank you so much - I will check into it now. It is so good to hear from a long-time survivor !!! God Bless your continued health !

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