Concerned about removing the patella (knee cap): Patellectomy

Posted by sandbarry1 @sandbarry1, May 5 7:36am

Trip and fall on knee cap 3 years ago. 4 open surgeries later, Ortho wants to remove patella completely. Concerned about this and wonder if anyone has had this done?

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Hi @sandbarry1, I can imagine you're concerned about living without a knee cap. Although this article is from 2009, I thought you may appreciate the story from a Mayo Clinic patient on the procedure she underwent at Mayo Clinic to replace a patella,
– A Life Restored

Have you asked your orthopedic surgeon about replacing the patella?


From some quick research, it appears that this procedure is unheard of anywhere near me (New York, Massachusetts) even at the major medical centers. It sounded great at first glance, but the reality of travel and lodging costs in addition to medical and rehab costs makes it seem somewhat implausible.

I do very much appreciate your sending me the article, and will discuss it at length with my ortho on 5/24. Thank you.

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