Relationship between Goiter on Thyroid and Intractable Hiccups?

Posted by Dee @danielad, Aug 13, 2016

Hello! I am new to this particular group. The purpose of my discussion is to highlight a "possible" cause-effect between the presence of a goiter on the left side of my husband's thyroid and his episodic intractable hiccups. If anyone may be interested in this, I will write more on the topic.


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Hi @danielad, and welcome to the Diabetes/Endocrine group! @snakegirl23, @seniorlady, @johnwburns and @sherids might be interested in learning more. I can also introduce other members once you've shared more information on this topic.


I am experiencing the same problem. My doctor said my goiter may be pressing on a nerve causing the hiccups. I have a large goiter on the left side of my thyroid. I have to have it biopsyed every couple of years.

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