Looking for a GI doctor recommendation at Mayo, Rochester

Posted by gallbladderless @gallbladderless, Jun 13, 2021


I'm a 35yo female looking for a Mayo Dr. in Rochester, MN that has experience in binge eating disorder, SIBO, and Celiacs. I'd like them to perform an endoscopy biopsy and review my Genova stool test, NutrEval, and blood work results.

Dr. Crowell's profile looks like a great fit, but then I saw he's in AZ.

Thanks tons!

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Hi @gallbladderless, welcome. At Mayo Clinic, our team approach means that you'll never have to search for answers alone. Your Mayo Clinic team will be hand-picked according to your unique needs. It will likely include specialists within and across departments to evaluate your condition from fresh perspectives. For that reason, you will not need a specific doctor referral.

In the gastroenterology department, doctors and dietitians work closely with you to help you and specialists at Mayo Clinic work together to give you the expertise needed to work with your signs and symptoms. Your team has access to more than 4,700 Mayo Clinic physicians and scientists on three campuses. If there's a question, alternate ideas and emerging research are just a phone call — or hallway — away.

You can self refer by contacting Mayo Clinic online or by phone. Here's the contact information http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63

Fellow members like @amandaburnett @fourof5zs @astaingegerdm may be able to share more.


Oh wow, same day reply….and super helpful, comforting, hope-giving, AND ON A SUNDAY!?!?!? Thank yo so much @colleenyoung !!!!!

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