Recurring CDiff

Posted by judy2020 @judy2020, Feb 6, 2020

I have had recurring C Diff since 2015 -o had 2 fecal transplant in 2015 – i was okay until I got diverticulitis again and took antibiotics. I have taken several vancomycin tapers I have used deficid. 3 weeks ago I had an infusion of bezlotoxumab. I hope and pray it worked . Does anyone have any helpful ideas to get thru this I am afraid to drink 1 cup of coffee .I eat very bland right now . I want a bowl of spaghetti and I want a glass of wine but am worried it will cause recurrence.

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I have not found c.ciff. to be recurring from food. I had the infection for a whole year in 2017. I am on an Atkins type diet (protein and veggies) because the infection destroyed my brush border enzymes in my small gut. I can't digest sugars and starches. I get bloating and diarrhea if I cheat on my diet.So maybe you have the same problem. I know 2 people with the same problem.It may be more common than anyone knows. Not all diarrhea means c.diff. Be sure to take a good probiotic. If you must take antibiotics my G.I. Doc recommends taking oral vanc along with the antibiotic. I will put you on my prayer list.

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