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Posted by @bonibsunshine1, Feb 6, 2012

Am hoping to find someone who has had stage 3 breast cancer, ( had 30 lymph nodes removed, 29 were cancerous) It had spread to my spine. After intense chemo and radiation was diagnosed cancer free, that was 6 years ago! This morning , after having an MRI done last week, was told the cancer was back in the old places in my spine plus a few other new ones. How did the treatments go and was the results promising or was it worse? I am suffering terribly and my Dr. wants to get the pain under control first before deciding which kind of treatment I should take… what is the best way to go with this??? thanks!



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Posted by @susieq2, Feb 20, 2012

boni, I am very sorry to hear about your condition. There is a website called Beyond the Shock that I have been visiting since my diagnosis with stage 2 breast cancer where you can ask questions to other people going through different types of breast cancers and treatments. They are very supportive and knowledgeable. They have helped me answer a lot of questions about my dia gnosis and treatment and what to expect. I hope you visit and get some answers. Good luck to you!

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