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Recurrent Uric Acid Kidney Stones 1 to 100's a Day.

Posted by @chadlietz, Mar 13, 2013

I have an undiagnosed auto immune condition which affects my digestive, renal and central nervous system. Tests show positive for Crohn’s Disease, but all my specialists are stumped because I am showing an immune response in other systems which are not related to Crohn’s Disease. Originally they thought I might possibly have Sojgon’s Syndrome. I am passing 1 to 200 stones a day ranging in size from a grain of sand to 10mm in size. A 32cm stones was removed in 2010 and all stones and material were removed at the time but I still continue to pass stones. Doctors have tried allopurinol and potassium citrate but I was forced to stop after levels reached toxic levels. 6 urologists have stated this is impossible, but I have turned in over 9000 stones and all were verified 90 to 95 Uric acid, 5 to 10 percent cystine. Swelling in both kidneys has been noted as well as bleeding from both. (Of course). Tests have shown infection or immune response, but very small. I am also suffering from arthritis non RA, Crohn’s Disease and last year they found that my immune system was killing off my B cells in my pancrease rather rapidly and I now have type II diabetes. I am also showing allergic reactions to most medication now, some if which I have used before with no issues what so ever. I am hoping a specialist sees this at the Mayo Clinic an might have an idea of what is happening to me.

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