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Recurrent shingles/HSV infections while on prophylactic therapy?

Posted by @rujules, Aug 13, 2012

I’m 54 and am getting shingles and/or HSV infections constantly despite being on prophylactic anti-virals daily. The PHN pain and the pain of the infections is almost unbearable. Does anyone else have anything like this? I have already lost 80% of the hearing in both ears (Ramsay Hunt Syndrome) and am terrified it will get in my eye. I’m seriously considering a trip to Mayo’s for help, as I have exhausted our resources in Springfield. I sometimes get the feeling that since this isn’t life threatening, it doesn’t get that much attention. I’m miserable, however, and am frustrated with pain and unsightly sores. Any suggestions?
Thanks so much~


Posted by @jjackson101952jjgmailcom, Nov 24, 2012

Try the amino acid L-Lysine, 2/ 500mg 4 times a day….coupled with 15 drops of grapefruit seed extract in 10 ounces of purified water once a day….I find when I eat cashews or nuts an outbreak threatens to occur. I havent had an outbreak of shingles in about 6 yrs and counting….The L-Lysine amino acid is also a powerful natural pain killer. It comes in capsules or tablets of 500mgs or 1000mgs….Also, once you get your shingles under control and in remission, 1 or 2 tabs 500mgs of L-Lysine a day as daily supplement will keep the shingles away. I hope this works for you…

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