Rectal drainage from J-pouch

Posted by emiller @emiller2, Mar 25, 2012

I have a J-pouch and was hoping to be “reconnected” after I gained weight and recovered from surgery, but 40+ cm of small intestine was removed and the surgeon did not remove the J-pouch because before surgery I told him not to remove it. Well…I did not know some much small intestine was going to be removed. Anyway, I have just awful drainage now and enemas are not working to clean out the pouch. I can have the pouch removed, but the surgeon said it will be a difficult procedure because I also had radiation and there is damage due to the radiation that will make this a difficult procedure. The radiation caused damage to the small intestine and that is why I had to have so much of that removed. The dr. at Mayo Clinic said the pouch will eventually shrink. It has been a year since I had surgery and have an ileostomy. Anyone have any suggestion to slow the flow???

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