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Joel W

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Rectal Cancer Help

Posted by @joelw, Nov 17, 2012

My father is 87, was in great health, until 2 months ago when he had a stroke,
he was recovering well, then this week they found stage 1 rectal cancer, 6 cm. from the anal passage. The Dr. has scheduled him for surgery this coming Wednesday,
to remove the cancer and an ileostomy. 12 years ago he had a double bypass and a valve replacement. How high risk is the surgery, I am very nervous and any thoughts or experience with this would be appreciated. Thank you.



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Posted by @rolivas, Dec 1, 2012

My mother was diagnosed with the same type of cancer (area) as your dad on January of this year. However, it was stage III (T3) tumor. She had to undergo radiation and chemotherapy before they could remove the tumor. she had the tumor removed this summer and the ileostomy as well. As a caregiver, caring for her during the first few weeks after the ileostomy was the most challenging. Research a good home care agency to help with ostomy care and supplies. My mother went through 5-6 different ostomy pouches until she found one that worked for her. she had it for four months and just had the ileostomy reversed. Sounds like they discovered the tumor at an earlier stage and your dad won’t have to undergo prior treatment which can be so debilitating. Mayo clinic and doctors are the best…
Stay strong and best wishes on your journey!


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Posted by @shellygirl1, Feb 19, 2015

I had a ileostomy also and just had it reversed or take down. Is your mother able to eat most anything? How long did it take her to have any normal routine to her daily living or does she?

Sheryl M Ness, MA, RN

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Posted by @smness, Feb 20, 2015

@joelw It sounds like your father has a good, strong baseline. Stage I is an early stage and can typically be treated with surgery and recovery. He may not need any additional treatment – based on what they find in the surgery. I hope that all goes well for him.

For more information about Anal Cancer treatment, see this link

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