Recovery pvcs on exercise stress test

Posted by pantherfancm77 @pantherfancm77, Sep 28, 2018

I am 41 years old and had a stress test yesterday. Went 19 minutes on the treadmill and a minute or two after she slowed the treadmill down I had pvc. She said it was the only one on the test. I read that recovery pvcs are the ones you worry about. Otherwise the rest of the test was normal. Echo shows normal except mild thickening of the trileaflet aortic valve. Had several holiter done. First 48 hour showed 100 pvcs and a couple look to be r on t which concerns me. Second 48 hour showed 6 pvcs. Third 24 hour showed 1 pvcs. Some of the pvcs are multifocal. Also had a echo stress test that was normal and 21 day monitor that recorded a couple pvcs and pacs. Had a 30 day moniter where I would start having episodes of pacs that would last for up to 3 hours and for two hours estraight I would have a pac every couple of seconds which felt terrible. I had three or four days on the 30 day monitor this happened and it’s been over a year and have not had a episode since. Still three different ep doctors tell me I have nothing to worry about and that my heart is normal. i Work out regularly and will randomly feel a pvc during exercise and recovery. Should I be concerned and what should I do being that the eps don’t take me seriously

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