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recovering from broken neck

Posted by Anonymous-768f2c74 in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Jul 29, 2011

A year ago i was in a car accident. I broke my neck as well as other injuries. I now have a plate with screws holding it together. I am mobile but am in constant pain. OTC drugs don't work any more. I ice and heat it daily. Any one else have this? How long does the pain last or at least minimizes? I'm open to any suggestions.


Posted by @bethn, Aug 6, 2011

I also have a cervical fusion and have had problems with pain. First, I would talk to your doctor, maybe ask for a repeat MRI to make sure everything is ok. In my case, I have fused c-5 c-6. After 4 years, the disc below the fusion herniated. Knowing that this can be a "domino effect", I have done everything to avoid further fusion. I found a supplement that has taken my pain away. I went from a daily 5-6 pain level to a 0-1 daily pain level. It is called Skeletal Strength and is made by a company called Nature's Sunshine. Find an herb shop that carries their products. A lot of them will let you try their products and return it for a refund if you are not getting any benefit. You may just be having chronic muscle spasm and this will help without sedating you. Also, if you can find a great physical therapist that does a technique called "strain, counter strain". This retrains your muscles so that they stop spasming, if that is the problem. Hope this helps.


Posted by @termar, Aug 8, 2011

Thank you so much for this information. I will definately look for it. I wouldn't have even thought about the discs around the fusion would herniate. Do you have trouble with your memory and balance? I do and it's very frustrating. I am very interested on any other information you can share.


Posted by @gethealthy, Aug 27, 2011

After a while, the other discs have trouble supporting the weight of the fusion. This doesn't happen to everyone, but it did happen to me. This site wouldn't let me log in with my original screen name, so it changed. I am now "gethealthy, but it was bethn."I hope things are getting better for you.


Posted by @gethealthy, Aug 27, 2011

Hi termar, sorry, I haven't checked this in a while. I do not have trouble with memory or balance. My injury and the pressure of the ruptured disc affected my neurological system and caused a head to toe sensation of what I described as an electrical burn. That went away after the spinal fusion surgery. Have you seen a neurologist for the balance and memory issues? If not, that might be worth looking in to.


Posted by @tonyc, Aug 9, 2011

do you work for Nature's Sunshine or involved in any way with sales for Skeletal Strength?


Posted by @gethealthy, Aug 27, 2011

Hi Tonyc. I am no way involved with Natures' Sunshine or the sale of their products. I was a patient desperate for a solution. I am also a critical care nurse with 27 years experience. I am finding more and more a nice compliment between 21st century medicine and the use of herbs and health products from reliable companies. My goal by making the above post was in hopes of helping someone else.

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