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Posted by ninjanana @ninjanana, Jun 15 9:30am

I finally got a call yesterday from NJH and my phone intake appointment is scheduled for next week. Does anyone have specific pulmonologist recommendations there or should I just take the first available? I have recently diagnosed bronchiectasis and nodules, bronchoscopy culture showed H. Influenza (no MAC) and my symptoms have subsided after a week of Levofloxacin. My pulmonologist still won't prescribe saline for nebulizing but I am nebulizing with Duoneb. Thanks!

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I am one of those rare birds that has bronchiectasis but not diagnosed with any NTM. I see Dr. Steven Lommatzsch as my pulmonologist at NJH. I highly recommend him. He is so personable and willing to spend time answering questions and explaining things. Best of luck to you. Being seen and managed by NJH has been such a blessing to me. I hope you have the same experience.


It’s my understanding that they will assign you a doctor. I hear only good things about many of them including Drs Daley, Lommatzsch, Kasperbauer and Eddy. Everyone who comes back from National Jewish sings their praises! All the best to you, Linda Esposito


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