Recently diagnosed with splenic artery aneurysm - request appt

Posted by cthompson @cthompson, Thu, Feb 14 5:19pm

I was recently at Mayo for what I thought were Gastro issues. The doctor we saw brushed off my concerns and I really felt like she didn't do a thorough job of looking at what was wrong. In reading my radiology reports on the last day we were there, I noticed that I have a SAA. I called her and asked why I wasn't told about this. She said it was insignificant and could not possibly be causing my pain (even though it's in the exact spot?). She refused to put a referral in to the vascular department.
I am now home and have followed up with a vascular doctor in my area. He ran a different CT scan that pinpointed where the SAA is and because of the location thinks that it needs repaired and that it is possibly the reason for my pain.
I would like to get a second opinion from Mayo without having to go back for a costly trip. Is there a way to have a vascular doctor look at my results online? I feel like we spent a small fortune on this trip and were brushed off on day two with a not accurate diagnosis. I will say that the OB we saw there was amazing. I just feel like the gastro doctor didn't do enough digging. Thanks!

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