Received AstraZeneca Vaccine in Australia. Booster? How to Prove?

Posted by ndubro @ndubro, Oct 14, 2021

I received 2 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine in Australia – the only option. Back in USA now and wondering what I should do about booster (I’m 76 years old). Where should I go that they will okay a moderna or Pfizer booster? My only proof of AstraZeneca vaccine is a “Immunization Record” on Australian Ministry of Health letterhead and it is not accepted by the various vaccine passports that I’ve tried like American Airlines.

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Hi @ndubro, Canadians and people from the UK are also watching the evolving regulations regarding the acceptance of the AstraZeneca vaccine and travel to the US very closely. In Canada, many people received one shot of the AZ vaccine before it was pulled and people were recommended to get their second shot with an mRNA vaccine.

Have you contacted the health authority in your region where you now live in the US to ask about your eligibility to get the booster?


Mixing vaccines has not been approved in the US and an AstraZeneca booster is not possible because it is not available in the US

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