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Really bad shoulder pain

Posted by @misty0829 in About Kids & Teens, Aug 2, 2012

I fell down stairs and hurt my shoulder. It has not gotten better since it has happened. I am going to the chiropractor but his newer doctor has been seeing me and doesn't think it should be hurting as bad as it is. She doesn't really pay attention to it. It hurts and now every time I move it it cracks. One time when it started she said my ac and shoulder joint were out of place. Since then my real chiropractor said its tendonitis is making it worse. Any body know what wrong. Please answer!!!!!

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Posted by @skynyrdfan, Aug 5, 2012

i think you need to go to a er to start with or see a orthopedist-some conditions should be treated by md & can be aggravated by chiropractor


Posted by @misty0829, Aug 5, 2012

Thanks for your input. It still is getting worse everyday. Thanks for your advise.


Posted by @bettyann, Aug 6, 2012

Hi Misty!
Well, OUCH!! Right? 🙂 I think skynrdfan has a really good idea. Probably the BEST idea when she said see an orthopedist! hopefully you'll be able to give it a try.
I only wanted to suggest one thing: sometimes when 'something is out of place' ... after a chiropracter works on you, it gets worse (feels worse) until that area adjusts to being 'in place' again.
Its kind of a familiar story that some doctors just blow somethings off... you don't deserve that. No one does.
I want to wish you good luck. Let us know how things go, OK?


Posted by @misty0829, Aug 7, 2012

Thanks. This happened in June and I have been to the chiropractor multiple times. Thanks for your input!!!

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