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Posted by Lisa @techi, Jan 7, 2019

Today l got a call from the doctors office and after they admitted me to the psych ward they discover oh it could have been her autoimmune disease. So now they want me to go to a GI consult. Can you figure that? And the er hospital that sent me is where l was first diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Everytime l have symptoms they have a psychiatrist come to see me. Even when l fall or have a seizure or maybe allergic reaction. So l already saw a new neurologist and no extra test were ordered then last Friday they say you need a MRI and EEG test. I told them no but if the doctors want to pay for it then call me. And now today l get a call about a GI consult. Guess who dropped the ball???? Oh and my liver doctor practice at this hospital. This is the one in my state. Thank God l have one at the mayo clinic. I was to see my liver doctor at home next month but he's fired. He can't even read my diagnosis and it was given to him by many doctors. So l am back to start looking for another doctor.

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@techi Glad to hear from you it's been awhile I'm sorry your having such a run around from Dr,s makes you wonder what are they teaching Dr,s now a days doesn't it. Glad you can go to Mayo The more I hear I'm convinced we need to be our own advocate about our health Dr,s pigeonhole to many people ,we are all different Good luck It is infuriating I know have a good night


Hi Lisa @techi,

If you are being seen by the GI department at Mayo Clinic, you probably don’t need to look for a liver specialist.

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