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Reactive Attachment Disorder

Posted by @softerblue, Jul 26, 2011

I am looking for other adults dealing with a child with reactive attachment disorder. I am a part-time (non-custodial) care giver for a pre-teen growing thru disinhibited symptoms of reactive attachment disorder. Please feel free to friend me on this site or to email me directly at



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Posted by @auntiemom, May 16, 2012

I am the guardian of a ten year old. We have been struggling with this since she moved in with me five years ago. On mothers day she broke three of my ribs. I am so frustrated that I am almost ready to just throw in the towel.


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Posted by @jazzmic, Jul 12, 2012

This child needs a bond made out of total unconditional love not based on there performance but just because they are worth more than a broken rib (sorry) but these kids’ reactions are naturally to do things to push everyone away and they have to be taught what love is and how to accept it as well as learn to give it. Don’t give up……have hope……. My only other suggestion would be to find a way to make the child confident and dependent on someone for their needs to rebuild a relationship.

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