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Raynards Disorder

Posted by @patrickharraghygmailcom, Jan 17, 2012

I have Raynards Disorder for over 2 years now. I hike a lot and I got a touch of frostbite at altitude. I also have chilblains which I haven’t had before. I would like advice on what might help.

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Posted by @powerofpositive, Feb 16, 2012

It helps to dress in layers. Smartwool socks are wonderful, not terribly bulky and very warm. Hands are more difficult especially since we use them all the time. When I am outside I always have warm gloves/mittens on and when home and not using my hands as much if it happens I slip on a pair of light weight gloves or have a nice cup of tea and keep my hands wrapped around the mug. I had no idea I had this until I was diagnosed with Sjogrens. Pretty much it is a comfort the symptoms situation. Cold hands, warm heart.

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Posted by @patrickharraghygmailcom, Feb 16, 2012

Thanks. I do wear smartwool socks as well as merino tops which I do find useful. I have also lost some weight, due to excessive hiking, and I believe this may also be contributing. Thanks for your advice.

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