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Rash and itchy skin

Posted by @bettea1, Jan 17, 2012

I am wondering if there could be any connection between sciatic nerve pain and rash and itching. Back in July I started with the sciatica and a few weeks later the rash and itching started. I have had two steroid shots for the sciatica and the second one has helped quite a bit. However, it has not gone completely away. The rash and itching has continued. Mostly on my back and head but not always. I have been to an Allergist and he tells me he thinks it is ezema. I have never had ezema before but I suppose it is possible to suddenly get it. I would like to hear if anyone out there can relate to this. Thank you.



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Posted by @karendarna, May 4, 2012

yes its frm the sciatica or steriods

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