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Radical ear surgery proposed - after 3 surgeries - Are there other options?

Posted by @dennydoodle, Oct 22, 2012

Our daughter has had three ear surgeries since February 2012. Two on her right ear (and another scheduled) and one on her left ear. Each time they have gone in and cleaned out her inner ear and mastoid. Her right ear felt “full of cement” immediately following surgery the first time, and within two weeks of the second surgery.

The second surgery, he put in two tubes (one permanent) in her right ear to help her inner ear drain and aerate. Within 3 weeks, our daughter had another ear infection and one of the tubes closed off. As of last week after antibiotic and steroid treatment, along with a week of anti-fungal medications, it appears the tube has opened up a bit and there was some drainage again.

Both ears have infections (again) and the Dr. is recommending removing the inner ear bones and creating one huge cavity and putting in prosthetic bones. her current bones are still in place and functioning – albeit at a less than optimal level.

Has anyone had experience with this type of problem? It seems our daughter’s
Eustachian tubes are not working properly. After the third surgery, the doctor took a culture and found the fungal and a staff infection. We just started the anti-fungal 7 days ago, and I wonder if it would be better to give that a bit more time to work before she has this next surgery. If we can save her own anatomy without undue risk by waiting to see if the medicine can work, it would be the preferred option.

The fungus is an aspergillus type and from what I’ve read a patient can be predisposed to this with use of antimicrobial agents and steroids. Also it can grow in post operative cavities. She has been on months of steroids and anti-biotics trying to get this thing resolved.

Any input I can get from people who have had similar issues would be much appreciated.


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