Radiation treatment laying on your belly

Posted by shelby29 @shelby29, Apr 14, 2023

My hubby has issues with keeping a full bladder for treatments. So they re-simulated him and will do them in a prone belly down position. Also note, he has a catheter. Has anyone else had belly down treatments? Its al so very overwelming!

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I had IMRT and was lucky that I had very few problems. Hearing your plight makes me realize that everyone experiences cancer differently .
There was a point that my wife and I were "overwhelmed " and wringing our hands over other areas of treatment (or lack of). A year plus into it we have settled into some level of acceptance. We realize that there will be unknown challenges coming that we and the medical team will deal with.
Your husband is fortunate to have your care. I am fortunate to have the care of my wife and family. Best of luck and God Bless.

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