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Posted by @auntiemom, May 16, 2012

I have custody of my great niece. She has had a multitude of diagnoses the past five years. Everything from ADHD, Bipolar, Depression, Oppositional/Defiant Disorder, Antisocial Personality Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder, to being told that she was a Sociopath and I should just institutionalize her. This child is only ten years old. I got custody of her when she was five. Her parents live in other states which helps. We have been struggling with this since she moved in with me five years ago. On mothers day she broke three of my ribs. I am so frustrated that I am almost ready to just throw in the towel.

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Posted by @china, May 17, 2012

Hi Auntie. How sad. You r sweet for caring 4 your niece. Get other opinions. Doesn’t sound right to say a baby has all them problems. U know dr’s keep medicine companies in business so pills r always being pushed down our throats.


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Posted by @use2bgoodmom, May 20, 2012

I am the mom of an almost 15 year old daughter with a severe case of RAD. We did not know that that was the diagnosis she had until she was in 6th grade. Up until that point we were told she had ADHD with oppositional tendencies, and that it what we treated her with….psychiatrists, psychologists, medications and it made everything worse. We ended up sending her to RTC in another state. She had to return early as it closed down for licensing reasons, she was not ready to come home and we were not ready for her to return. Check out Beyond Consequences Institute (Heather Forbes), Center for Victory (Eric Guy) and Bryan Post (Post Institute)….the are very well educated in RAD and have good information. They have alot of resources and they work with families (but it is quite costly). We have almost lost our house on two occassions trying to pay for treatment for our daughter. I hate to report that things have gotten worse for us at this point in our lives after all the time, effort and energy that we have put into helping our daughter (we adopted her when she was almost 3, but we are the 10th house that she had lived in before coming to be with us). We are not and have not been in a good spot right now. We all need help. We are all seeking help, but I think we will go broke before we see any results. She has extreme anger issues, is failing school and can not connect with many people. I wish we would have had the resources I shared with you when she was much smaller, because the cognitive behavioral therapy and medication made things worse….if you look on those websites, you will find inexpensive books, DVDs and CDs that you WILL find helpful in figuring this diagnosis out….the sad thing is that no one really understands it, and not many people know how to treat it. We live in Michigan, we seek out treatment from Utah and Pennsylvannia….I hope you find some useful resources in the info above….Good luck, It is a HARD, UPHILL BATTLE….I know what you mean about feeling ready to throw in the towel….after readying some of the information from the above websites, you may feel a bit differently.
I too often feel like giving up. But I can’t do that to her….I just wish I would have known several years ago what I know now….

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