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RA or Crazy?

Posted by @iedarla, Nov 9, 2012

A few months ago I had some severe knee pain during a day of motorcycle riding. I chalked it up to an old knee injury. About a month ago, on another ride toward the end of the day both knees where on fire, the most excruciating pain I have ever felt. When I got home both knees were so swollen, I could barely get my self up stairs . I showered, then iced them took a vicodin and was fine in the morning.

I chalked up the general joint pain to the fibro, which I have had under control for a few years, until recently. About 1 year ago I noticed a bump on the middle joint of my middle finger. it stayed small for a while, then got bigger in a short time, Now I noticed last week, I am getting the same bump on the same finger of the right hand. I have no strength in my hands, my ankles joints in my toes hurt , I can not even cross them when I laying in bed watching TV. When I wake up in the morning nearly every joint in my body is so stiff I can hardly walk. I do not have health Insurance, and I am not sure if I should go see a doctor.


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