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Posted by vugiang @vugiang, Mar 23, 2012

I am Vu Giang, a Vietnamese. My husband has been recently diagnosed with Diabetes type 1. It has been a month since the first day he had to go to hospital but the level of sugar in his blood is still unstable.
I am so worried so I am looking forward to the consultancy from experienced doctors and friends in endocrinology.

I will describe the symptoms of my husband as below:
– On Thursday, February 23rd, 2012: after dinner, he started to feel tired and we thought he got a flu. Before this day, he was really healthy. His height was 1m74 and his weight is 80kg. The tiredness lasted someday but we just thought it was a normal flu (how fool I was!!)
– On Monday morning, February 27th, 2012: he said he felt a lot better. But he started to feel terribly tired and thirsty after having a cup of tea. In the evening, he vomited and kept drinking water. We went to emergency room and did many health tests.
They said everything was ok, except his sugar level. It was 36mmol/l !!
– In the next morning, he was tested again, including pancreas CT scan, liver lipid, blood lipid, Hba1c. All the results were ok, and his Hba1c level was 5.6%. They said he might have a turbulence in his Endocrine system, not the Diabetes. But after some days, if they stopped injecting insulin, his sugar blood level was still high (around 20mmol/l).
– After 1 week (March 6th, 2012), we moved to a better hospital, which is specialized in Diabetes. His Hba1c test result there was 7%. He was diagnosed with diabetes type 1. It has been 3 week since he moved to this hospital but his blood sugar level is still high and unstable. Sometimes, it reached 25mmol/l but sometimes it fell to 5.6mmol/l. Currently, he had to be injected 42 units of insulin with some medicine like Glocophage, rb25 and Billganin.
My wonders are: does he really had Diabetes or it’s just a disorder in endocrine system? If it’s diabetes, why does it take such a long time to stablize his blood sugar level? Is the therapy he is having really effective?
If anyone has experiences on this problems, please help me!!
God blesses you!

I am not a medical professional, but we have type 1 diabetes in our family. In my experience I don’t think there is a way to have that high of blood sugar and it not be type 1 diabetes. There is no perfect stabilizing of blood sugar so many things affect it besides carbs – that would include exercise, stress, the weather, hormones, etc… The only way to try to manage it is to test often and know when to give insulin and when to eat a certain number of carbs to battle a low blood sugar. If he does have type 1, this is all very important. There is a specialized diabetes community called tudiabetes dot com for more responses than you seem to be receiving here. It’s very important your husband get accurate medical information on how to treat his insulin dependence! I wish you both well.

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