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Posted by .harp player @amberpep, Apr 30, 2018

I have not needed to come here for awhile as my knee revision went great. But, 2x afterwards I would fall over something and crack the bone on the outside of my left foot. Went to the doctor and he cast it. That's been almost 3 years. Well, I stepped on something slippery yesterday, went flying and came down once again on that side of the foot ….. this time it really hurt horribly and I laid there and cried ….. not usual for me. I took 4 Motrin, used my walker, and went the ice, warm, ice, warm route. But, one thing was different …… my toes were somewhat numb – that didn't happen before. This morning, with my foot sore and hurting, I wrapped it tightly in ace bandages, took Motrin, and kept it raised. I did not go to the doctor. I don't understand the numb toes and the pain across the ball area of my foot. I've decided that if it's not better tomorrow or Weds. I'll go to one of the clinics who also does x-rays and see what's going on. I don't want to go to the hospital as I have not used it yet, only being down here 2 years, and I just don't want to go there and wait and wait and wait. Advice or thoughts anyone?
Thanks, abby

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It is a day later. I was wondering how the foot is feeling today? I am not a medical professional, but pain accompanied by loss of sensation or numbness sounds concerning. Are you still experiencing these symptoms? If so, I would recommend seeking medical attention as I would want to make sure there is not a more serious issue.

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