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Question about foot pain

Posted by @amberpep, Aug 23, 2012

Hi everyone. About 3 weeks ago as I was walking my dog, I “rolled” my foot on the curb – it hurt like blazes, but subsided. As the next 3 weeks went on it got worse, so I finally went to my Orthopedist. Their x-ray machine was down as they have maintenance done at night and the workers had found a problem, so they were in the process of fixing it. So he couldn’t take an x-ray …. he was not happy. He examined it, pressed, bent, etc. ….. major OUCH! He said he felt pretty sure I’d broken the outside bone on my left foot – he said it’s a common bone people break. He put me in a cami-walker – the tall ones, and had me go back today (1 week later). Today they took x-rays and he did not see any break. He said it must be a tendon problem – tendonitis or tendon tear. He gave me a shot of cortisone and told me if it did not feel better to get an MRI. He gave me a script for that. I came home, ate lunch, laid down and took a nap, and when I got up OMG, it hurt so bad I could not put any weight on it. It was awful. I have a dog to walk, so I wrapped it tightly which helped a little. I don’t know if this is normal with these shots or not. The pain goes down that left side of my left foot (the bone on the bottom) and across the arch underneath.

I’d sure appreciate any input you all have. I just took a Vicodin I had left from when I had my knee replacement. I hardly used any of them with my TKR, but I sure had to with this.

I’d appreciate any input. Thanks so much.



charlotte b

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Posted by @charlotteb, Aug 28, 2012

hello. You might look up RSD on the Mayo website. I had a similiar experience and was diagnosised with stage 1 of RSD. I think the name has changed…but the infor will help. Take it easy and slowly as you heal, you will need to either have manipulation or massage, etc. Hopefully, your doctor will treat for RSD. (There are websites from all over the world on it.)


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Posted by @mouser, Sep 11, 2012

I once dislocated toes, and a chiropractor put em back into place for me.
A stress fracture may have occurred? A stress fracture is a hairline fracture that can’t be seen on X-ray until calcium deposits are laid down, which is 2 weeks.


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Posted by @moltroub, Sep 15, 2012

Go to a podiatrist, seriously. I suffered from foot pain for several years and a PT I was working with suggested one as I wasn’t getting anywhere. Podiatrist diagnosed me and eventually performed surgery. I am now able to get up in the morning, sleep, and walk with no pain in that foot! Ice helped. I had a more serious case of tarpal tunnel and plantar fasciatis than expected when he opened me up. Those things really didn’t show up on X-ray but did sort of on the MRI.

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