Posted by ana1 @ana1, Aug 17, 2020

Hi. Me and my boyfriend wanted to try putting only the tip in and that’s what we decided to do on Friday, August 14th. We used a condom at first but then he took it off, and he did not precum inside of me. I decided to get a pregnancy test that same day just in cause and Saturday I started cramping. I’m still cramping with I believe light bleeding. I only bleed when using the bathroom and I made sure I got a Plan B pill Sunday. Should I be worried?

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@ana1– If there is sperm inside your vagina then you can get pregnant. Why aren't you using birth control?


Also, he didn’t go in deep.

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@ana1– Oh honey, that doesn't matter how deep he went. You are playing with the chance of pregnancy here. If you and your boyfriend continue to have sex one of you needs to wear protection and use birth control.

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