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quadruple bypass surgery

Posted by @mivy, Mar 14, 2012

My husband had quadruple bypass surgery 2 years ago..he is now 75 years old.
Up until that time he was an active person for his age, since the surgery he gets
tired very easily, and definatley is not the person he was before..
When the surgerons transplanted the veins from his legs they said he has the
smallest veins they had ever seen. he also has 50% blockage in his cartorid artery.
that at this time the docotrs have decided not to do anything is very frustrating to see him this way and not be able to get answers from his cardoi doctor..his p.c. doctor has taken over and has ordered a ekg and stress tests for him we are awaiting the results of those tests at this time. We definatley are planning on seeking another cardio doctor, are very disappointed that this won has not done much of anything, would like to know if anyone has gone to Mayo in Jacksonville for as a heart patient. We are considering doing that too..



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Posted by @jollygirl, Mar 24, 2012

Hello, my husband had quintuple bypass surgery 15 months ago. The recovery process has been a process. He is doing well, but we have discovered that some things will never be the same. We may have been naive but that did surprise us. I have wondered about making an appointment with Mayo Clinic just so we could talk about this and find out what is normal, what will improve and what is just not going to be the same. I do understand your feelings. I too would like to hear from someone who has gone to Jacksonville or Phoenix.


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Posted by @chuckchev27, May 19, 2012

i had a qwad bypass in 1995 in Naples Fl, after joining MENDED HEARTS in NAPLES fl. i was back to playing golf within 5 months. if you have such an organization or similar near you please join as soon as possible.

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