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Pyoderma gangrinosum

Posted by @studiomfaux in Skin Health, Oct 21, 2012

Does anyone else suffer from this disease? My uncle has had it on both legs for 3 1/2 years! Please contact us if you have any knowledge or information about your treatments or experiences to share.

Tags: auto-immune disease, Skin Conditions

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Posted by @jgmclaughlin, Nov 2, 2012

I may be like your uncle, having had this for several years now. It's been an annoyance until recently when the pain really started ramping up. At this point I am just trying to learn as much about it as possible.


Posted by @anon70415691, Aug 5, 2013

yes I have it and it can be very severe.


Posted by @anon70415691, Aug 5, 2013

My skin required surgery to remove inflamation. Very painful.

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