pyoderma gangrenosum

Posted by mysisters'illness @mysistersillness, Oct 6, 2011

My sister has been breaking out with some huge, boils for a couple of yrs now. She was finally diagnosed after a yr and a half with this condition. Drs say its connected with some other diseade like ulcerative cholitis, or one of the autoimmune disorders. She does not have any other diease that we know of. She is 52 yrs old. They put her on meds, and some steroids i believe. Meds worked for ablmost a yr now doesnt controll symptoms anymore. I saw another post form someone breaking out in boils/skin ulcers. I will let her know that this could be a possible diagnosis. I will add more info soon. Anyone know about this? I am doing my own research since my sister doesnt ask many questions i suppose. Im so worried because of the infections.

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Staph infection

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