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Pyloric stenosis

Posted by @adrienneu92, Feb 22, 2012

I have had pyloric stenosis since Dec. 2010. After having diarrhea for 2 weeks I went to my family dr. & he referred me to an endoscopy center in West Columbia, SC. They did a colonoscopy & found nothing in all the test. I was going to bathroom from 18 to 35 times in a 24 hr. period while taking Lomotil & Immodium. Also had an EDG & it showed my pyloric stem grown together with a lot of food in my stomach. My gastrin level was 900 so he suppected I could have gastronomia’s. I also had a ulcer on the verge of bleeding. He stretched my stomach 2 times & sent me to MUSC in Charleston, SC. to see if they could stretch me far enough to get an ultrsound chip in to look at my pancreas. As of this date I have had 12 EDG’s & they still have not been able to stretch me but 15 mm & need to go to 18. In the meantime I still have the daily diarrhea & my stem is usually grown back together when they check every 2 months. In Oct. 2011 they injected botox but checked it in 4 months & it had closed again. I have been on 2 nexium a day for a year, carafate, lomotil, Immudium & am no better. If anyone has had or heard of this, please let me know. They say I should be throwing up & neauseated instead of having diarrhea. I have not thrown up one time in the 14 months. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

S.R. Weeks


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