Putting on cpap

Posted by hcolema1 @hcolema1, May 7, 2022

Is it always best to put on your cpap mask sitting up to get a good seal rather than laying down?

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Hi @hcolema1, I think they recommend putting the mask on while sitting and then making any needed adjustments for a better seal. I normally put my mask on while sitting and then sometimes need to adjust it a little after laying down. Here's a YouTube video that explains it a little better –

I use a ResMed AirFit F20 full face mask but have been thinking about trying a different one, possibly a nasal pillow. What type of CPAP mask do you have?


I cant use anything except a nasal pillow. All others leak. Only problem is a nose irritation if not ckeaned daily. I put a dab of neosporin in my nose passage until the irritation goes away.


Friendly advice: Whatever you clean, make sure it's completely dry before using again. It helps to have 2 sets of mask + hose. I wasn't careful with this, and as a result I apparently caused a buildup of mold in the machine and possibly also the hose – which smelled horrible. Nothing I did succeeded in removing the smell, so I ended up buying a new machine and mask (which just arrived today).

Good luck!

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