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Pulmonary Embolism

Posted by @jessie0918, Jul 28, 2011

I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Embolism in April of this year. It is both “Acute” and “Chronic” The doctor said that I DVT in my pelvic area and the clots traveled to my lungs. I am curious to see if there is anyone out there who suffers from my condition, and what from of treatment they are on, and how long this has been going on with them. I found out mine is not hereditary I just have it for no reason at all.

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Posted by @kelster11, Jul 30, 2011

Hello…..I have had 2 bouts with PE’s… 2007 had a DVT and 2 PE’s…went on Coumadin for 6 months… the time they though it was due to being on Depo Provera and smoking and being over 35,,,,,got in all cleared up. Then this year in Feb. ended up with another PE,, had Heparin and Coumadin treatments….got out of hospital – stayed on Coumadin and still ended up with another. Crazy because they have no idea why I had them again……my blood is very ‘sticky’ for some reason….mine too is not hereditary…..
So…..on long term Coumadin for treatment…….


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Posted by @jessie0918, Jul 30, 2011

Yeah I was on birth control also, and I to smoke and am 31. I know that my PT/ INR’s are constantly up and down. I’m not sure whats going to happen yet. But I know I’m scared. 🙁


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Posted by @gretchenharrison, Aug 22, 2011

Hi Jessie.
I had a massive PE event on 8/23/2010. I’m almost one year in the clear. My event required life saving measures, ER, ICU and regular floor stays, off work for one month and a permanent filter in my vena cava. But…almost one complete year later, I’m in great pulmonary and cardiac shape.

My PE event was the result of 3 things: orthopedic surgery; BC pills; immobility following my return to work. One year later, I’m off the warfarin. My clots are dissolved. I don’t take BC pills any longer. I wear anit-embolism stockings when I travel by car or plane. I still have the filter and will have that forever. I am still working my BP back to normal range by exercise and healthy habits.

Hope that helps.



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Posted by @jessie0918, Aug 23, 2011

Hi! Yes, this helps. I found out that my PE has dissolved, however, I am still on my medications. My clots started in my pelvic area, there was no signs of them in my you know of anything that I could wear for my midsection to help open up the veins?


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Posted by @grateful, Aug 30, 2011

I had multiple PE’s due to a long car trip (7 days). I’m on Coumadin, now, but was just wondering, did anyone continue to have sharp (and dull) chest pains during treatment? I continue to have a nagging dull and sometimes sharp pain in my left chest. I worry that it’s a new PE, of course, but my docs tell me that’s not possible because I’m anticoagulated. Can anyone share how they felt during the 6 months of Coumadin? Did you still have chest pains, cough?



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Posted by @twinsplus1, Oct 6, 2011

HI everyone,,,I am newly diagnosed with PE which were an incidental finding when I went to the ER for pain in my back from masses that I have had 4 surgeries for in the last 15 months… they said i have PE in both lungs,,admitted me on heparin for 24 hrs then coumadin and lovenox….now going to coumadin clinic and have a surgery for the “ovarian remnant syndrome ” pending the clots being cleared up…..very nervous about it all…..anyone have any reassuring advice????????

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