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Judith Hogan

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Psychotic disorder

Posted by @judithhogan, Apr 3, 2012

My son (17 years ) presented a month ago with delusions and paranoia. He was hospitalized for a week and improved. He still suffers however from voices and paranoia. He has had Respridone added to his Abilify script. How long does this med take to work? What should I say to him to help minimize the effect of the voices



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Posted by @roxie43, Apr 7, 2012

Being supportive is so important because sometimes people can hear mean things making them feel even worse.
I also want you to know that despite your sons psychotic break he can still live a meaningful life. How are you coping? You have to make sure that you’re also being good to yourself.
Although, I don’t suffer from psychosis I do know many people who do. Too often only the challenges are discussed and or perceived but there are also success stories like going to college, living independently, working and much more.
You are amazing and your son, once meds kick in, will be ok. However, keep in mind that often one has to try several different medications until the desired effect is found.
I admire your willingness to reach out for support and always remember that you did not cause nor do anything to make your son develop a mental illness.
Have a blessed day,

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