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psoriasis Pustular Palmar

Posted by @jyl, Nov 21, 2011

I am new here. I have been on Remicade for 8 months for Sero negative Rhumatiod Arthritis. I have recently developed Plumar Pustular Psoriasis on my hands and feet. They are in very bad shape. Rhuematloligist insn’t sure if the Remicade may have caused it. Not sure what I would do with out the Remicade, it really helps my joints.
Has anyone else had this?

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Posted by @reikimaster, Jan 14, 2012

in 2003, My dentist told me that I may have psoriasis while treating my teeth, since he could see up close that there was a minor rash ourside my nostrils. I used to sractch it out and put some mositurerizer and carry on with my life. Over the yers, I developed psoriasis on my elbows, knees, buttocks, hands, eylids, could not wear wear short sleeves or T-shirts or shorts. Imagine yourself on a beautiful beach in Phuket, Thailand ad you are wearing jeans, instead of a swim suit.

Last summer, for the first time in many years purchsed T shirts and swim suit. About 90% of my skin is clear. I do not scratch myself tothe point of having blood oozing out on to my clothes. Life has changed for the better.

I am using an herbal oil for the past 18 months. This doctor is an ethno-pharmocology. A real genius. If you like I could share those pictures with any one who is suffering from psoriasis, so that they can see that there is hope to manage this disease effectively..

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Posted by @dklive, Feb 26, 2012

I would love to see the pictures and get any more info I can.


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Posted by @campgirl, Apr 7, 2012

I’d like to know what the herbal oil is. My psoriasis is off the scale and getting worse. Wouldn’t mind seeing the pictures so I can compare.


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Posted by @prakash, Jan 26, 2013

I want to what herbal oil you are using can u
You please private message me.

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