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Posted by @ditim in Mental Health, Jul 20, 2011

I would like to share my story with one who has been diagnosed with Pseudoseizures/Conversion Disorder.

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Posted by @guesslu, Aug 27, 2011

I would like to learn more about your experiences with Pseudoseizures as my husband also has been diagnosed with them. We know the cause, PTSD, but how do you and/or your loved ones deal with them? Do you know you are about to have one? How long do yours last? Have you ever hurt yourself when you've had one? Have yours caused memory loss? Once it is over do you know you've had one? Do yours come in multiples? Sorry for all the questions, but I've never spoken with anyone else with this condition. I only know what I live with. We have been chasing our tails on this for the past 12 years and finally have gotten a diagnosis and explanation. Our psychiatrist says they'll end when he no longer needs them. Have you been told that? Have medical professionals made you feel like you were "faking" them, or there is nothing wrong with you because they couldn't be found on an EEG?


Posted by @outback101, Nov 12, 2011

How often does he have them & what brigs them on?


Posted by @outback101, Nov 12, 2011

The reason I asked is because a friend has a son who has siezures at least twice monthly & is taken to the hospital(actually several different ones)& they cannot figure out what is causing them.This has been going on for years & getting worse!


Posted by @outback101, Nov 12, 2011

Her son is only 29 yrs old & does have a bad heart,but they don't associate the siezures with that condition.


Posted by @ladymac, Feb 15, 2012

Our daughter had seizures for several years, after age 10, once or twice a month. Doctor to doctor and test after test with different diagnosis but nothing on EEG. Finally at age 16 a psychologist suggested a gynecologist. She prescribed birth control pills to stop her monthly period and no more seizures. They were caused by hormones being out of whack.

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