Pseudomonus in ice etc

Posted by luvocean @luvocean, Jul 23, 2018

If pseudomonus is in ice does that mean everything made with water that is not filtered or distilled like for instance, sorbet would be contaminated?

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@luvocean, Good question! I think if we thought that way about everything we consume, we wouldn't have much to enjoy. From what I can gather, any mac in food or beverage should be killed off by the acid in your stomach. The problem arises if you have a hiatal hernia that would send it far enough back up your throat and you then inhale it into your lungs. I think folks that may have disseminated (spread) MAC that is actively infecting the stomach would definitely want to be extremely careful with what they consume. I want to remind you and everyone else on here; that I am not a medical expert on any of this. I only share what I have read from reliable sources or learned from conferences, etc. If this is a real concern for you, you should ask your doctor. Many of us with MAC, also have GERD (acid reflux) To be on the safe side, don't eat or drink anything three hours before going to bed. BTW, did you get the pseudomonas under control?

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