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PSA Levels

Posted by @backdrop, Jun 8, 2012

On my last annual physical my PAS went from 2.0 the year before to 4.9. I was referred to a Urology, were I DRE was normal and retested PSA number two week later was 7. i now my scheduled for a Biopsy in a week. I have no symptoms , this is really got me stressed. Has anyone had a PAS level to go up this fast, can anyone share with your knowledge on this matter. Thanks



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Posted by @neverceasing, Jun 18, 2012

Yes, the results of my PSA for four years had been between 2.0 and 2.5. My PCP said that it was something which beared monitoring since the component value appeared to be gradually increasing. Annual physical in 03/11, the PSA was 3.21. I had another test ran a few months later (06/11), the PSA was 4.7. I was referred to a specialist. 08/11, I was scheduled for a biopsy. I was apprehensive about the biopsy; however, it went well. I was informed that there was no cancer in the areas where the biopsy samples were taken;however, the doctor could not say that I was cancer free because my prostate with three times the size of a normal prostate. 02/20 – PSA 2.51. Currently, I am being treated for an enlarged prostate; however, I am scheduled for another biopsy in a few months (08/12) to ensure everything is okay.


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Posted by @pvgreg, Dec 8, 2012

My husband has gone to PCP annually and had PSA test and DREs. PSA has been inching up each year. When it hit 4.7 he was sent to urologist. After 4 months was scheduled for another PSA, whch was 5.9. Biopsy done and cancer confirmed (gleason score 7 on rt, & 6 on left). Doing CT & MRI next week. He is T1C, so some treatments not a option. Urologist here wants to do open surgery, but we can drive to Mayo in Scottsdale to have da Vinci procedure. After researching, feel this has better outcomes on all levels since they do this procedure a lot. He’s only 64. If we do Brachytherapy, it could leave scar tissue and then would cause even more problems if had to end up with an open surgery so we cannot mess around.

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