Providers in Kansas City

Posted by mountaingirl1 @mountaingirl1, Mar 9, 2019

Can anyone suggest a good doctor for small fiber polyneuropathy in Kansas City?

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Hi @mountaingirl1 I wanted to introduce you to fellow Connect member @stephenluptak. Although he is not diagnosed with small fiber polyneuropathy he has experience with neurologist in the Kansas City area and may be able to offer suggestions, or share his experience with those neurologists.

Back to you @mountaingirl1 how long since you were diagnosed?


Hi Mountaingirl1,

I have the highest regards for my neurosurgeon in KC, Peter Basta. When I saw him, he practiced out of Research Medical. He diagosed my NPH and successfully operated on me. There is no neurologist in KC that I would recommend, but Dr. Basta should know of one. Please keep me posted on your progress, Good Luck!

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