Proton-Pump Inhibitor for Treatment of Seizures

Posted by lasiegel @lasiegel, Nov 28, 2017

I’m actually inquiring for my dog but I’m hoping the pharmacological underpinnings are the same. My dog has had seizures and is now taking levetiracetam 3 times a day. In addition, the vet prescribed adjunctive omeprazole. Not only can’t I find any rationale or indication for using a PPI for seizures but it seems more contraindicated. Does anyone have any input on this? Thanks very much.

Hi @lasiegel, welcome to Connect. I moved your message to the Epilepsy & Seizures group. My initial internet search confirms what you’ve already discovered. I found more references to proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) possibly inducing seizures, not used as treatment. But I’m neither a doctor nor a veterinarian. Did the vet explain how the omeprazole should help?

Thanks so much for your reply, Colleen. They told me that it helps “relieve CNS pressure.” I was in a pretty emotional state, after 3 days in the vet hospital so I just said “Hmm, I didn’t know that” and left it at that. Over the past week, it has been sticking in my craw…

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