Proton beam therapy for Sacral Chordoma

Posted by naseermustafa @naseermustafa, Feb 16 12:36pm

Dear's Dr.
I am an Iraqi citizen seeking your professional advice regarding a case of Vertebral Chordoma.
My sister Kameela is 69 year old, was diagnosed as a case of chordoma of the sacrum in 2009. Operated carried on for the first time in August 2009. Symptoms did not improve due to incomplete removal of the mass that necessitated a second operation carried on Feb. 2010. She received radiotherapy in Beirut (July 2010) at the American University Medical Center (34 session of traditional radiotherapy linear accelerator type, total dose of 68 GY). Her medical condition was well controlled with yearly MRI follow-up until 2014where a suspicious mass at the same site appeared. She was advised to have a biopsy but she ignored the medical advice because she was symptoms free. In Dec. 2018 she complained back pain and symptoms similar to that at the same time of the first diagnosis. MRI showed a mass at the same site and almost the same size of the mass before the first surgery 10 years ago. Third operation carried on Feb. 2019. Fourth operation carried on October 2022 last week MRI shows recurrence of the tumor of 1 Cm in diameter.
I would like to ask about the possibility of using radiotherapy such as Proton Therapy Beam or other type of radiotherapy as a curative way without proceeding to surgery

Best regards
Naseer Al-Mustafa

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Naseer, there is a place in NY,chordoma%20and%20other%20tumors%20hereD
You might want to contact Dr.

I love how you are caring for your sister.

We are all patients and ex-patients on this site. But we give advice just as though we all have medical degrees. I've read a little about the sacral chordomas a while back while researching for a friend. I remember that proton is mentioned as the safest and that sacral chordomas are the most likely to recur.
You might want to contact Dr. Arpit Chhabra with records. Proton can treat sacral chordomas that have been previously treated with surgery.

Bless you and best wishes for you and your sister.


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