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Protein In Urine Test

Posted by @faith2009, Oct 17, 2011

Hello. Just wondering if anyone has ever had a urine test that shows protein in it? I’ve been researching the web all weekend – but just wanted to get some feedback. My daughter has Lupus and Diabetes insipidus – but never has shown protein in her urine – until now. The doctor should be getting abck to us tomorrow – but I just joined this group and wanted to get some feedback. Thank you!



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Posted by @jaanderson1, Dec 24, 2011

it is a sign of kidney disease. I hav that from diabetes. Get her to a renal dietician now to get on the renal failure diet. That could really slow the urine protein loss. Trust me , do it now.


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Posted by @thyrin55, Jun 4, 2012

Whoa!! Wait a second now .. My recently went to er and doctor took aside and told her that her protein level was too high for age!! 27yrs.daughter will go for a follow .. in mean time she is on antibiotics. Please dont scare me. I do hope she will ok. but please dont be hasty and diagnois!!

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