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Protection for non FMLA eligible employee

Posted by @inactinglive, Oct 18, 2011

Hi everyone,
I visited the Mayo Clinic in Rochester in December 2010 and was helped tremendously with reaching a diagnosis and establishing a normal healthly life. However, in the past few months I’ve experienced some relatiely minor (minor being a relative term for somone who has been to the Mayo Clinic) recurrence of illness that has caused me to miss work enough times that I am being threatened with disciplinary action by my employer even though I have brought them doctors notes every time I have been absent. I’m not going to be FMLA eligible until the end of November because that is when I will have been permanent with my employer for a year (I was a contractor for them for 5 months prior to becoming permanent and they are not counting that as FMLA eligible time). Does anyone know if there are any other laws besides FMLA that protect employers of large companies (25,000+ employees) from being disciplined or terminated due to absences from illness. I was absent for the 5th time today and I’m fairly certain that when I go back tomorrow I’m going to be given written disciplinary action. I appreciate any feedback that anyone has on this situation.


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