Prostate Problems?

Posted by picollo30 @picollo30, Dec 8, 2023

For the last few weeks I've been experiencing a lot of burning and pain while urinating and the urine comes out in very weak streams and to make the experience worse at irregular intervals and a bit of dribbling as well after. This has happened recently (last 2 weeks or so). I'm 48 years old, male, I don't smoke or take drugs, no sexual diseases and I'm not circumcised.

At the same time as I started to feel these symptoms, I don't know if it's a coincidence or if I've never noticed it before, the glans has a red spot which, from what I've investigated, resembles Zoon's balanitis or Queyrat's erythroplasia (in fact they both look very similar, although the latter is malignant in nature).

Can this be an inflammation of the prostate or a prostate problem associated with balanitis that already existed and that I had never noticed, even though I do my daily hygiene of the glans and foreskin.

I'm very worried that it could be something serious.

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Time for a visit with your urologist. Only lay people here.


Agreed, you need to see an expert but I suggest there is a possibility that this may be Prostatitis ( I have been through this sadly ) where the pain swells up certainly on urinating, often it feels like a heavy ache that can make you gasp for breath at times, and can be felt from the inguinal region through to the tip of the penis and downwards under the scrotum and can be felt as far as the rectum. Do you have any discomfort on sitting down? There are two types of Prostatitis, acute where it flares up in response to another trigger ( in my case that was having a catheter put in ) and responds to antibiotics and chronic where I understand it comes and goes to a lesser degree but can rumble on for years. But, yes, you need a professional opinion, although even those I have found can be drawn out and inconclusive. Wish you well ...


@picollo30, I agree with others. This is a concern best addressed by a medical professional. If you would like to request an appointment with Mayo Clinic experts, here's where to get started

Have you talked to a doctor about your symptoms and worries?


I am having exactly the same problem (association of EQ with prostatitis) How is your condition/treatment progressing?


My husband was experiencing the same & we are thinking to visit Urologist soon. Have you visited any doctor yet?


If the urologist does not clear up the skin see the dermatologist next.

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