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prostate cancer and incontinence

Posted by @elizalde in Cancer, Mar 1, 2012

I have had prostate cancer since 1994. Initially had 12 weeks of radiation. In Dec 2010 I had a TURP procedure performed and resulted in incontinence. The radiation disfigured and distorted the area of the prostate and bladder. Is there a solution to correct the incontinence? anybody. Thank you for your feedback.

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Posted by Anonymous-6a8d02fd, Jun 19, 2012

Try kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Google should provide ample examples, but physical and occupational therapists or your urologist will be your best resources for proper technique and biofeedback methods. Good luck and congratulations surviving the whole ordeal.


Posted by @elizalde, Jun 19, 2012

The urologist first suggested KEGEK exercise,but it does not work for me because of the disconfiguration inside. The doctor gave the instructions for the exercise and informed me that it might mnot work for the reason stated. Where do I get a physical and occupational therapist and biofeed back. The VA hospital does not provide a lot. thanks for you suggestion and advice


Posted by @anonymous2008, Jun 21, 2012

Either your urologist or general physician can give a referral for therapy. I volunteered at a VA hospital at one point and they had physical and occupational therapy at that time. I believe physical therapy handles the biofeedback. My husband does not have the same urological problems that you have experienced, but he went to physical therapy for biofeedback withhis urological issues (he had 100% retention due to nerve damage). With the biofeedback,the therapists places electrodes on the abdominal muscles while exercises are being performed. A screen shows when, where and how much the proper muscles are being activated. My husband found it helpful to be able to actually see what was going on, and it helped him learn to use different muscles to control his bladder. I am unsure if this will be helpful with your particular disconfiguration, but I guess that is really a conversation between you and your doc. I hope you find something to help and my thoughts will be with you--


Posted by @elizalde, Jun 21, 2012

thank you for your most kind suggestion. I will contact the physical therapy. The problem at the mHouston VA urology clinic is that they have all these young apprentice doctors and like to experiment with us old foffies and I will not participate. The initial doctor who suggested radiation NEVER MENTIONED THAT IT WOULD DISFURE AND DISTORT THE AREA OF MY bladder and prostate. Thank you very much.


Posted by @roxie43, Jun 19, 2012

I'm so sorry for your health issues. I have worked with individuals with incontinence issues and it can be isolating due to fear of accidents in public.
I would suggest ongoing brainstorming with your doctors but am here if you need support and friendship.


Posted by @elizalde, Jun 20, 2012

thank you for your kindness and support. I search often the internet and one of this days I will find the solution besides surgey. God bless you.

Posted by Anonymous-ccfe06d0, Aug 31, 2012

My husband is facing the same thing. The radiation caused a smaller bladder and he also has a bladder neck stricture. Total incontinence. Six pads a day. Surgery will not work for him so we wait for something that will at least slow down the incontinence.

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