Proposed Auto-immune Disorder Eliminating Root Cause Tool Approach

Posted by mst3000 @mst3000, Sep 29, 2018

Hi! Just wondering if anyone ran across any doctors that have consolidated inputs, functions, and outputs to every autoimmune control system model? If so, patients themselves could have a good idea about how to eliminate autoimmune disorders before appointments, thus being proactive and opening bi-directional feedback between themselves and doctors as root cause analysis of a brain disorder diagnosis is achieved. For example it would be somewhat of a difficult situation if someone was certain they had epilepsy, got the treatment for it, but then later on, started to wonder why the treatment was not working due to some deeper autoimmune disorder entailing a broader range of impact across the brain. A spreadsheet has been PDF'd for trying to understand neuron inputs, functions, and outputs at a general high level. From there the strategy would be to pinpoint which inputs, functions, and outputs within a seemingly stabilized neuro-exchange become unavailable given an autoimmune disorder. Goal would be to have one of these matrices for each autoimmune disorder, but to first understand Autoimmune diagnosing use-cases in the near term. Thank you for reading, as your input is most welcome. Also if anything that I have mentioned about this approach seems askew or seemingly impossible to decompose to feasible activities with progressive research development please let us know. Here to learn.

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