About to start Prolia: What's your experience?

Posted by Jefesitachica @npolanco, Feb 3, 2021

Dr wants for me to start Prolia. I have been researching. Would like to know if anyone in this group is taking. Worry about side effects.

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I too am in a similar position. I took Fosamax for 4 yrs. Have been off meds for 2.5 yrs. My last DXA test shows I have progressed into osteoporosis. My doctor is prescribing Prolia. I am also terrified of Prolia. My mother was on Prolia and only experienced a small rash. My research on Prolia demonstrates it only buys you time. When you go off Prolia you very quickly loose all benefit over the next 12 months until you hit your pre-Prolia baseline. I know Prolia does not build bone. My question is when Prolia stops bone breakdown, does it still allow the bone building process to continue? I haven't seen a clear answer on this. Does anyone else know?

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Hi again @leeosteo, I hope you are well and happy this evening. You have presented a question for which I do not know the answer. It is a good question. When you ask……does Prolia allow the bone-building process to continue? Would you please confirm that you are asking about the bone that your body naturally builds or that you are inquiring about whether Prolia can protect the bone that a new bone-building medication produces?

After menopause bone building is reduced. Prolia protects the limited bone that is developed.

I don't think you can have it both ways. And I think it would be helpful to know your DEXA scores to know if your body is still, in fact, building bone. Have you presented this question to your medical clinician?

Please share the answer you receive so everyone can benefit. I will also be checking with you.



Hi, @lpenny
I have just completed 23 months of Tymlos with good results but now I have to do a different drug to maintain my gains. I am really opposed to Prolia.

I discovered that I should not do Reclast because my kidney numbers are already borderline and Reclast could make them worse. I cannot do an oral bisphosphonate because I have Barrett's esophagus. So, I really have a dilemma here and am not sure which drug would be appropriate. I have an appointment with my endo on Wednesday that was quickly scheduled when I discovered that Reclast would not be appropriate.

Did you end up using a different osteoporosis drug, and if so which are you using? I really do not want to lose my gains.

It just seems as if there are no osteoporosis drugs that are not problematic.

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Hi @ contentandwell, it’s good to hear that you had success with Tymlos and having to make a decision on what new drug to take
is I’m sure frustrating. You mentioned that you have a few health issues and that will make your new decision more difficult I’m sure. Hopefully your endo was able to help you.

To answer your question regarding my taking a new drug : I do not have an appointment until the end of this month. I am not going to take Prolia because of the side effects I had and still have that I consider serious. I have been doing much researching about possibly taking the holistic route.
I just ordered some books regarding osteoporosis and possibly with diet, vitamins and exercise it will keep me going until I decide what decision I will make. I know my rheumatologist is not going to be happy with me but I need to be my own advocate.

You had success with Tymlos and possibly you will be able to tolerate Prolia. Good luck and let us know what decision you made. Keep us posted.


Prayer going your way.
I broke rib #9 in spring. An unleashed dog ran into me.
I am ok now Back was ok

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I have same question.

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